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Bad credit car finance calculator

Calculate your car finance options and see how much your monthly repayment would be.

Representative example

  • Finance amount - ££7,500
  • Average APR - 9.0%
  • Deposit required - 0%
  • Total Interest - £1,350
  • Total Repayable - ££8,850

Monthly payments

£184 p/m

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Having bad credit would mean anything from missed payments, to having a poor credit profile because you have not used credit in the past. In some cases it includes motorists that have been bankrupt. Having a low credit score is ok, this does not mean that people with poor credit do not need car finance to purchase a reliable vehicle.

Many people rely on having a vehicle to get to work or a van to do their business. Financible understands this and we have expertise in lending to customers with poor credit score. With each application we consider a range of factors that allow us to help customers who have been refused a car loan elsewhere.

We offer car finance for bad credit customers with no deposit or upfront payments needed. With us, your application is processed immediately and you get your decision in minutes. At Financible, our aim is to offer affordable car finance. We offer a simple way for you to get a loan so that you could buy any car from any dealership.

How to get a car loan with bad credit score

We consider all credit circumstances and our decisions are made quickly. All you need to do is apply online now. Once you’re accepted, our professional experts will contact you to discuss your requirements.

What makes us number one broker for bad credit auto loans?

  • Refused car finance – we help our customers with refused bad credit car loans. This means that if you’ve applied and haven’t been successful in the past, with us, you still have a chance of being accepted.
  • Any car from any dealer – Once your application gets accepted, you’re free to buy any car from any reputable dealer.
  • Same day payout – We can have your application approved, underwritten and paid out same day.
  • Yes to bad credit – Get a car loan with Financible even if you have CCJs or IVAs. Apply now for an instant personalised car credit quote.

How do I find out my credit score?

Defaults, CCJs and bankruptcy will all negatively impact your credit score, making it more difficult to obtain any credit. Finance can also be harder to obtain if you have not previously had any credit agreements or you are not registered on the electoral roll. We recommend that you get a copy of your credit file, even if you have not experienced financial difficulties in the past, to make sure it is up to date. A copy of your credit report can easily be obtained online from one of the main credit reference agencies such as Experian or Equifax.

Can I get car finance with defaults or CCJs?

Even if you have a very bad credit rating and several CCJs, there may still be a cost-effective and suitable car finance solution available for you. And even if you are unable to get car finance on your own, in some cases we are able to offer bad credit car finance with the help of a guarantor to get your car loan agreement approved.

Whom we can help?

Applicants with missed payments or defaults
Missed payments can be easily rectified, which means it could well be worthwhile applying for car finance. Our lenders regularly offer car loans to customers with missed payments and defaults that are bringing their credit rating down.

Applicants who have been bankrupt
Legally, you cannot apply for credit for 12 months after bankruptcy and we cannot offer it to you. After you have been cleared from bankruptcy after this period, we’d be happy to consider your car loan application.

Applicants with CCJs
A county court judgment is issued when you fail to make repayments to your creditors. Depending on your exact situation, we can give you several options for car finance, providing your CCJ(s) is 4 weeks or older.

Applicants with IVAs
If you’ve entered an IVA in the past, which is now settled in full, we would be happy to look into providing you with car finance. If you’re still under an IVA, you may be required to get written confirmation to say you can borrow again.

Start your application online to see how Financible can help you.

Calculate my car finance

Finance amount - £ 7,500
Average APR - 6.0%
Deposit Required - 0%
Total Interest - £900
Total Repayable - £8,400

£1,100p/ month

What our customers say

5 star review

Mr A. Mila - £10,000 approved

The car finance application process was very simple and getting approved was a hassle free.

Bad credit car finance FAQ

Tips and advice on how to get accepted for a 0% deposit poor credit car finance.

Does applying for car finance affect my
credit rating?

No it does not. We conduct soft credit search and provide you with a personalised car loan offer. If you decide to go ahead, we will then do a full search.

I have bad credit and I’m looking to borrow
£6,000 over 48 months, can you help me?

With finance amount of £6,000 over 48 months term and 0% deposit, your monthly payments would be £140 per month with total relatable of £6,720.

Can I get a car loan with fair credit history?

Having 3 years address history and a UK licence is a great start to any finance application. Having access to our panel of lenders means that we are able to search for different credit offers and we’re regularly able to help customers with fair credit history.

How do I apply with Financible?

Simply start your car loan application now. It only takes 2 minutes and you could have your loan approved and paid out today.

I’ve been bankrupt and now discharged, can you offer guaranteed car finance?

No one can guarantee car finance. But if you’ve been discharged from your bankruptcy, we can help you to getting accepted. Apply now.

Self employed car finance

We have a number of lenders on our panel that can help self-employed applicants, including taxi drivers. As with any car loan application, we will need to see proof of income, which is usually provided in the form or bank statements for self employed customers.

I’m in a debt management plan. Can you
approve my application?

There are a number of factors that influence your application, but to check how we can help, simply apply for a no obligation quote.

I’ve been refused elsewhere, can I apply
on Financible?

Yes. For those with bad credit car loans can be impossible to find, but at Financible, we specialise in helping customers with bad credit obtain finance.

Can I get a bad credit loan with no deposit?

Yes, we offer car finance with 0% deposit. Simply apply online now to see how much you can borrow with no deposit or part exchange required. We’re number one online car finance company for poor and bad credit.